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X230l – OTA – Malaysia
How to Root a Alcatel X230l with AnandTech. Find drivers, software and manuals for your Alcatel One Touch X230 device.
Powered by Nexton. This is a mirror of the official C8602.gpx and has been made using free viewers like Goggle Chrome/Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer etc. Do it. It does not actually do any harm to your system. If you are using Windows Vista or better and have ‘Allow Software Installation to Continue’ set to ‘Turn on” setting then you should have no problems whatsoever. WinX Driver does not work with Vista or better. If you have ‘Allow Software Installation to Continue’ off or if you have any anti-virus software installed on your system, uncheck it and try again.
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Show me where it says “Install ” and is it a “download” or a “install” ok got it?
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Download the latest Alcatel ONE TOUCH X230 device drivers (Official and. This built-in ONE TOUCH X230 driver should be included with your Windows® .
Mar 18, 2015
Download Alcatel Onetouch X230S X230E X230L X230D X230M Generic Dashboard Software Driver Firmware With Auto APN Voice Call USSD .
Feb 5, 2014 · Alcatel ONE X230L | Welcome to the Alcatel ONE X230L Forum. Support and troubleshooting for the Alcatel ONE X230L Windows Phone, Windows Tablet, and Android Tablet. Comments are closed.
Hi. I have downloaded the drivers as per the instruction provided on your site. But when I restart I am only prompted with a black screen and nothing on my phone. Also, when I try to browse “device manager”, I get the following error message – “There is a problem with this Windows.dll file. To correct the problem, close all programs and any running files, and then restart your PC:… View the files of an Android device Download a Windows Phone App Share a PC App Download an Android App

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